Hi…I’m Laura.

I’m a self-taught artist, illustrator, podcaster, musician, surface pattern designer, and dog momma living in Dallas, TX.

I create art across multiple mediums, and you’ll often find me with more paint on myself than on the canvas. I’ve recently grown an addiction to my iPad Pro and Apple pencil. 

I believe deep in my heart that we’re all creative beings and I love teaching others what I’ve learned.

Over the last 10 years, I’ve taught more than 120 live workshops on coloring with Copic Markers, painting and fiber arts. I can’t wait to share classes with you online in the near future.

When I’m not creating art, you can find me recording episodes of my Startist Society podcast, singing/playing piano in my home recording studio (where my dog Gus sings along), or planning my next big trip.

In my former career, I spent nearly two decades working in the travel industry and have a passion for global travel. I love stepping off the plane into a world different than my own and can’t wait until we’re able to travel safely again!

In recent years, I’ve camped across Southern New Zealand, volunteered in Tanzania, Africa, painted canvases in Bali, hiked the Atlas mountains in Morocco, and gone on desert safari in the Middle East. All of these adventures filter their way into my art, and I look forward to sharing it all with you!


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