Just getting started or need a refresher?

Take my Copic Marker Essentials Skillshare class!

Why I made this class for you…

This is the Copic beginner class I wish had been available to me when I started out.

By the end of this class, you’ll:

  • Have a solid understanding of Copic Markers
  • Know 6 different ways to get beautiful blends
  • Have the skillset to color a beautiful 3-dimensional butterfly card
  • Learn key strategies to care for your markers so they’ll last you for years
  • And much more!

The class is available on an amazing learning platform called Skillshare, and they’ve provided me with a special affiliate link that gets you a 30-day free trial to the Premium Membership. This will give you risk-free access to thousands of wonderful art classes and so much more!

Once you’ve taken this class (or its equivalent), you can begin joining our Virtual Copic Club Zoom Classes. More on those classes below.

What students are saying…

Instantly in Love with Copics

From the first moment Laura began demonstrating the techniques, I was in love with Copics. Laura is very concise in presenting new techniques. I’ve enjoyed each class and have learned new skills with each one I have taken. I’ve progressed to where I feel comfortable creating my own drawings with my Copic markers. If you’re thinking of taking one of her Copic classes, just try it once; I think you will fall in love with Copic markers and their ease of use.

Sheilah Adkins

Laura’s Copic Club Class

Laura is a wonderful art instructor. Her zest for art is very authentic. There is always a good story about her travels that helps relax the class. She encourages us to go at our own pace and is willing to provide one-on-one instruction. Class is always on schedule. I have really grown confident in my artistic ability, thanks to Laura. People actually want to purchase my work. My favorite class? All of them!

Christie Harris

Glimpse into Laura’s beautiful world!

Whether the class is in person or virtual, Laura takes you step by step to produce a wonderful project! Her instructions are very detailed so you can follow along and know exactly what you are supposed to be doing. She answers your questions clearly so you can understand the project at hand. Laura is the most creative person and taking her classes gives you a glimpse into her beautiful world!

Taz Augustine

Already have the basics down & want to take your coloring to the next level?

Join live Copic Club Zoom workshops and make projects like these...

I’ve been teaching live Copic workshops for 10 years and call me biased, but I think the community we've built is pretty special.  

It's all about fostering creativity, learning new techniques, and having fun no matter where you are on your creative path.  

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