Ready to melt away the stress and create colorful mandalas on your iPad?

Check out my new ‘Mindful Mandalas in Procreate’ class on Skillshare!

What you’ll learn

This step-by-step class covers the full process. From creating the inked outline using the radial symmetry tool to creating layers of gorgeous color, texture, and depth.  Once you’ve created your first mandala, we’ll explore different ways to quickly alter the colors to create an entirely new piece of artwork! And lastly, we’ll cover how to export your work and all the different ways you can use it.

  • How to practice mindfulness through digitally inking and coloring mandalas
  • How to create a custom canvas in Procreate & make a custom brush set
  • Common mandala shapes using the practice worksheet in the class resources
  • The new brush stabilization features in Procreate 5.2 to smooth out your linework
  • The radial symmetry tool & Procreate’s drawing assist (it’s addictive!)
  • How to draw beautiful mandala outlines using 3 different frameworks from the class resources
  • How to add color & value contrast to your work and check your values with a Procreate shortcut
  • How to shade and texture your mandalas with layers and clipping masks
  • Quick methods to recolor your artwork in seconds
  • How to unify your colors
  • How to export both images and videos of our mandala
  • All the different things you can do with your finished artwork

Who this class is for

  • All levels: whether you’re brand new to Procreate or already advanced, you’ll be able to follow along seamlessly.
  • Anyone who wants to create art in a relaxing and therapeutic way.
  • Anyone who loves the look of mandalas but thinks it’s too hard to make them symmetrical (enter Procreate’s magical radial symmetry tool!)
  • Anyone who wants to learn how to make their colored mandalas “pop” off the screen

The projects we’ll complete together in class:

I'll show you how to change the color of your mandalas in seconds...

Then we’ll move on to project #2:

I’ve included 3 bonus lessons

  • How to create an animated GIF file
  • How to create a stained glass mandala
  • Procreate file organization

By the of this class, you’ll

  • Have created a colorful mandala you can use for greeting cards, wall art, and more!
  • Have learned all my best tips and tricks at adding gorgeous color and dimension to your work
  • Be familiar with the radial symmetry tool and how you can use it in your artwork
  • Know how to create multiple colorways of your artwork in seconds
  • Have access to a new therapeutic art practice that you can take anywhere with you on your iPad!

You’ll need

  • An iPad
  • An Apple Pencil or compatible stylus
  • The drawing app, Procreate (I’m demonstrating in 5.2)
  • The Free Class Assets
    • 3 downloadable mandala framework PNG files
    • Your mandala practice worksheet JPG
    • A custom mandala color swatch palette

    The class is available on an amazing learning platform called Skillshare, and they’ve provided me with a special affiliate link that gets you a 30-day free trial to the Premium Membership. This will give you risk-free access to thousands of wonderful art classes and so much more!

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